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Sandy is an evidence-based Chiropractor and Registered Massage Therapist who is passionate about patient-centered care. She is trained in a variety of treatment modalities including Traditional Chinese Acupuncture, Kinesiotaping, Activator Technique, Thompson and Graston. With respect to her Massage Therapy practice, Sandy practice includes relaxation techniques as well as deeper tissue, Swedish techniques.
Sandy has had the opportunity to work with professional athletes from the OHL, NHL and MLB. She has also worked in a variety of health care facilities including the Toronto Western Hospital . Sandy is a proud graduate of The University of Western Ontario, The Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, and The Royal Canadian College of Massage Therapists.


External Providers:

We are pleased to announce that Jason Church, of Form Osteopathy, has joined our clinic location. Form Osteopathy is open on Fridays.

CONTACT: 519-217-4901 *  jchurchtherapy@gmail.com * jchurchosteopathy.janeapp.com