Full Cancellation Policy

Full Cancellation Policy

Effective for all appointments booked for August 24, 2019 onwards.

The consequences of… 

– Showing up late 

-Not showing up  

– Cancelling last minute 

1. Another patient who may be in acute pain gets turned away.

– Remember, when you book a timeslot, that timeslot is reserved strictly for you. By cancelling last minute, no-showing, or showing up late, you are denying your neighbours access to timely health care.

2. Our therapists’ time is poorly utilized

– In order to build our schedule and hours of operation, we need to be able to ensure our therapists are kept busy, especially if they are travelling from the Greater Toronto Area. A missed appointment results in poorly utilized time allocation, and a loss of income. This discourages our therapists from wanting to build a practice in Grand Valley.

We understand life happens…. 

If for any reason, you are unable to keep your appointment, please let us know as soon as possible.  This helps us ensure our wait list can be accommodated in a timely manner, and our therapists travel times can be optimized. 

Policy on showing up late

At the therapist’s discretion, if you show up late to your appointment, your treatment will be shortened to the time remaining and/or until the next patient is set to arrive. However, you will be charged for the full treatment time you had booked for.

Policy on not showing up

We will give you a warning on your first no-show visit. Should you no-show again, we will charge you for the full amount of the appointment missed. If you no-show a third time, we will discharge you as a patient. If you wish, we will arrange to transfer a copy of your file to another clinic.

Cancellation Policy

We ask that if you do need to cancel your appointment, you give at least 24 business hours notice. Weekends do not count as business hours.  However, if it is an emergency, we will waive weekend notice, at the therapists discretion.

Notice that is provided in less than a 24 hour window will be treated as a no-show visit. For more details, please refer to the Policy on not showing up.



The clinic and therapists have the right to enforce the above policy as they deem fit. By booking an appointment, you agree to strictly adhere to our Full Cancellation Policy.

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